Synergy 3.0 is now accepting applications!

The interaction or cooperation of a group of real estate investors to produce a combined result greater than the sum of their individual actions.


"The mastermind is a success principal to get the master key to which you can open the door to attainment of your definite purpose of life.

You can borrow and use the education, experience, influence and perhaps the capital of other people to carry out your own plans in life.

It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than what you could accomplish in one lifetime if you were depending on your own efforts."

 – Napoleon Hill, creator of the mastermind concept and author of “Think and Grow Rich” 

Who is this for?

The elite and ambitious who recognize the value of social capital. You have already purchased property, want to be surrounded by a group of successful investors, and are on your way to creating the life of your dreams. This mastermind is not for investors who just started or for people looking for the next ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Synergy 3.0 will Run September 2022
to June 2023

What's Included?


One Person

*It's ok, there are a lot of partnership opportunities in this group!
$ 15,997
  • Receive $1000 discount if you pay in full upfront

Two People

*Spouse or existing business partnerships only.
$ 22,997
  • Receive $1000 discount when you pay in full upfront

payment OPTIONS

50% deposit upfront with the remaining 50% paid in 5 months 
Payment in full upfront and receive $1000 discount



“The people you meet are all looking to scale, they’re all looking to get to the next level its much different then any 
other group I have been a part of” 
– Zac Wilms

“Since joining Synergy, we have become a developer and are now looking at developing over 200+ homes in the next few years.” 
– Kris Bucci

“This group is so supportive, we all believe we can win and everybody has an abundance mindset!”
– Evan Murray

“I asked the room how many people had over 10 properties in their portfolio and over 75% of the room put their hand up. You just don’t find groups like this out there”
– Jared Hope

Our Promise

Masterminds deliver INSANE value every single month!

Our promise to you is to give you access to what only the elite have through consistant peer-to-peer support, expert trainings, in-person retreats to build new and exciting partnerships, and a lot more!

Video conferences

in person retreats

Your Facilitators



Steve and Randy co-founded the REINVESTORS in 2016 with a mission to financially educate one million people and inspire them to invest in real estate so they can start living a more fulfilled life.

They have been running a monthly meet up in Victoria, BC since their beginning, to help real estate investors of all levels get connected to each other and expert service providers while also getting educated in the various topics around investing.

Along the way, they have co-produced the Victoria Real Estate Investment Expo, where they hosted over 500+ real estate investors over 2 days, ran multiple 2 day workshops, consulted and supported other investors in the building of their portfolio, and have been asked to speak across various stages sharing their experience and story.

They don’t just talk the talk though, with purchasing over $8-million dollars in real estate, raising over $5-million dollars in capital and purchasing everything from single family homes all the way up to developments. These guys are hungry for the game.

Steve and Randy have invested heavily in various business masterminds, real estate training, and mentoring along the way, but found the one thing missing for them was the ability to network with other high-level investors in a collaborative group. After hearing this same message from other investors, they decided to take their elaborate experience in hosting events, mixed it with their time spent learning in masterminds and ambition, to grow their portfolio by teaming up with Darren Voros to create the Synergy Mastermind!

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Darren Voros suit

Darren Voros

Darren Voros started investing in real estate in 2002 as a side business to his full time career in professional theatre. When Darren stepped away from theatre to pursue real estate investing full time he was offered the opportunity to travel across North America speaking and educating investors with Keyspire. He jumped at the chance to combine his two passions, being live and on stage and teaching aspiring investors about the benefits of investing in real estate.

During his 4 years with Keyspire, Darren spoke on hundreds of stages and educated thousands of investors on the subjects of financial freedom, real estate investing, renovation & construction and entrepreneurial mindset.

Darren’s passion for construction and his previous theatre and television experience landed him an opportunity to appear on CBC’s “The Goods” as their in-house renovation expert in 2016-2018 and on CityTV’s “CityLine” in 2018-2020. 

Darren uses his construction knowledge on a regular basis as he continues to build his real estate investing portfolio. Darren controls over $13,000,000 in real estate in both Canada and the US and focuses primarily on multifamily conversion and development projects.

In 2020 Darren launched his YouTube channel as a way to educate investors and entrepreneurs on a wider and further reaching platform. Darren also created a virtual meet up for investors from across North American called the “Level Up – Meet Up” which he co-hosts on a monthly basis.

Darren brings his years of experience facilitating and hosting events to the equation and is looking forward to teaming up with two of the best in the business in Randy & Steve in order to make the Synergy Mastermind an unforgettable experience for all involved.

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Facilitator accomplishments


Combined RE Portfolio Value


Total # of doors in portfolio

7,000+ hrs

Combined hours on event stages


Total donation value #gobigtogivebig

Keynote Speakers

Cole Hatter

Thrive Founder
Real Estate Investor

Darren Jacklin

Fortune 500 Corporate Trainer

Veena Jetti

Vive funds Enzo multifamily

Limor Markman

Private money Queen

Cody Sperber

The Clever Investor

*Check in again for more speaker updates 

Why sign up?

To elevate yourself to the highest level of knowledge, experience, and community to give you the greatest probability of success. 

You have probably done well in life, but you know you’re ready to do better and become the best real estate investor you can be. And you’ll get there by taking action and surrounding yourself with the best in the industry.

This real estate investing mastermind is full of people like you! People who want to do the work to scale their business, create a legacy, go big, and live the life you want to create.


We all have big goals and want financial independence, but even the best of us can get sidetracked. Being a part of a mastermind group is a great way to stay focused, maintain momentum, work more efficiently, and turn those goals into reality.

Strategic partnerships & Collaborations

It’s highly likely that you’ll get valuable strategic partners to collaborate with on different campaigns and ventures. This can lower your expenses, reduce risk, and open up more doors, faster.

Increased deal flow

You will find increased deal flow in a mastermind from multiple ways. Meeting other members will open up possibilities of collaborations and referrals or introductions to spheres of influence of other individuals thus expanding your network and potential client base.

Bigger achievements

Being among a group of high achievers will inspire you to do bigger and greater things than you thought possible, and help provide the fuel and assets to get you there. This is true whether you are doing 5 deals a year, or 100.

"Synergy Mastermind"

The interaction or cooperation of a group of real estate investors to produce a combined result greater than the sum of their individual actions.

our definition

The founding members

Grow your Real Estate Portfolio with other established investors

Other Speakers

Randy Molland

Founder The REInvestors

Dave Puotinen

Tax Manager at Real File

Grant McDonald

Founder of Valleyburn Properties

Steve Arneson

Founder The REInvestors

More Speakers

Announcing Soon


We will begin Semptember 2022 and the year will conclude in June 2023.

Yes, you should have purchased multiple properties. A few properties under your belt would be great, and you should have the intention to continue investing for years to come!

For an individual to join the investment is $14,995 for the year. And $21,500 if you would like to join with your business partner or spouse. Prices do not include taxes.

Yes. As investors, we know the value of financing, even if there is a premium on it, and understand that you might need a month or two to move money around. 50% is required immediately upfront and there is another 50% payment 5 months later.

The investment does not include your travel to the retreats or your accommodations. This is because some people will be travelling on points, others will not need flights and may want to really live it up at our hotels destinations by staying in penthouses, etc. Doing it this way gives you more control, which we know you want. 

The purpose of this mastermind is to reach new levels. There will be teachings on systemizing and scaling your business, residential, Air BnB, cross boarder investing, commercial and multi-family strategies, syndications, renovations/construction, development, networking and mindset.

We will also cover topics like sales, marketing, negotiations and leadership.

Absolutely! The retreats will be a great place to connect with some of the experts and others in the mastermind, but the real value comes from the network. The weekend teachings will be recorded and given to you as well.

It’s the classic “You get out what you put in”. If you show up and give it you’re guaranteed to get a fantastic return!

Maybe it’s a new partnership, a market lead from a colleague, or a tip or skill you get from one of the badass expert teachers. One new deal on the books, one piece of data, or a new software suggestion might be the things that gives you multiple levels of ROI.

YES! Time with the experts to explain your business and ask them all the questions you have. Some of the experts will stick around for the entire weekend retreats too! Imagine hanging out by a fire pit drinking an old fashioned with someone like Jared Hope or Darren Jacklin… paradise!


Our aim is to give you all of the information you need. If you have any questions, contact us on the form below, and we’ll answer them for you.

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