Synergy Mastermind is an exclusive,
intimate, and experiential mastermind for high-achieving real estate investors who want to be around other growth-minded entrepreneurs while doing business right, and with impact.

It's Synergy 5.0!
What's Included?

Who is this for?

Established and ambitious real estate investors who recognize the value of social capital and want to be surrounded and supported by a group of successful investors and entrepreneurs while creating the life of their dreams and giving back to their community. 

Real Estate Investors

Developers & Builders
Capital Raisers & Syndicators
Investment Specialists & Experts
Passive Investors

Personal Growth Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Contractors & Trades
Appraisers, Architects & Engineers
Consultants, Coaches & Advisors 


Hear from One of Our Members!

Why sign up?

To elevate yourself to the highest level of knowledge & experience in a community that will give you the greatest probability of success. 

This real estate investing mastermind is full of people like you! People who want to do the work to scale their business, create a legacy, go big, and live the life they want to create.


We all have big goals and want financial independence, but even the best of us can get sidetracked. Being a part of a mastermind group is a great way to stay focused, maintain momentum, work more efficiently, and turn those goals into reality.

Strategic partnerships & collaborations

It’s highly likely that you’ll gain valuable strategic partners to collaborate with on various campaigns and ventures. This can lower your expenses, reduce risk, and open up more doors…faster.

Increased deal flow

You will find increased deal flow in a mastermind in various ways. Meeting other members will open up possibilities of collaboration and referrals or introductions to spheres of influence of other individuals thus expanding your network and potential client base.

Bigger achievements

Being among a group of high achievers will inspire you to do bigger and greater things than you thought possible, and help provide the fuel and assets to get you there. This is true whether you are doing 5 deals a year, or 100.


One Person

*There are plenty of partnership opportunities in this group!
4 easy payments of

only $1,375

  • Receive $500 discount if you pay in full upfront
  • 100% money back guarantee*
  • *certain requirements must be met

Two People

*Spouse or existing
business partnerships only
4 easy payments of


  • Receive $1000 discount if you pay in full upfront
  • 100% money back guarantee*
  • *certain requirements must be met


5.1  | KELOWNA 2024 | November 22, 23 & 24
5.2 | THAILAND 2025 | March 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31
5.3 | ST. JOHNS 2024 | June 20, 21 & 22

Be a part of Canada's #1 real estate investing mastermind!


"Synergy Mastermind is the next step up for any Canadian real estate investor looking to surround themselves with stellar people doing real business and self growth & development."
Zac Willms
"Since joining Synergy, we have become developers and are now looking at developing over 200+ homes in the next few years." 
Kris Bucci
"This group is so supportive. We all believe we can win and everybody has an abundance mindset!"
Evan Murray
"Synergy is a group of high level action takers that have helped me up my game in real estate. The mastermind structure and events kept me in the right headspace and kept me always seeking to be better. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly and would encourage others looking for a group that you can learn from and be there to support you on your growth, to just do it! "
"I asked the room how many people had over 10 properties in their portfolio and over 75% of the room put their hand up. You just don't find groups like this out there"
Jared Hope
"Synergy continues to impress and bring in high level international speakers. The community is full of very experienced and knowledge investors with a wide range of skill sets."