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Meet our team and find out why Synergy was created!

Synergy's Story

Synergy Mastermind was founded in 2020 by Darren Voros, Randy Molland and Steve Arneson. After attending various trainings and masterminds in the US, Steve, Randy and Darren were searching for something similar in Canada but realized there were not a lot of opportunities for experienced investors. With their combined backgrounds in hosting meetups, training sessions, running live & virtual events, real estate investing, and their passion for helping others, they knew they had the ability and drive to bring a high caliber mastermind to Canada. 

Darren, Steve, and Randy wanted to create a group with a community and family feel and as a result of our application only and vetting process, we have successfully achieved this. Only the most eager, hungry, open minded, easy going, and supportive people end up in this group.

What has been created is a group of high level real estate investors in a space to be educated by expert speakers, attend epic live events, be accountable to other members, collaborate on ideas, lean on each other for support, and scale their businesses to new levels. 

Our members have seen huge growth and successes across the board. Many have quit their 9-5 and are now full time real estate investors and have scaled their business to levels they never thought possible. 

The Team

Darren Voros

Founder / Principal

Darren Voros started investing in real estate in 2002 as a side business to his full time career in professional theatre. When Darren stepped away from theatre to pursue real estate investing full time he was offered the opportunity to travel across North America speaking and educating investors with Keyspire. He jumped at the chance to combine his two passions, being live and on stage and teaching aspiring investors about the benefits of investing in real estate.

Darren has spoken on hundreds of stages and educated thousands of investors across North America on the subjects of financial freedom, real estate investing, renovation & construction and entrepreneurial mindset.

Darren’s passion for construction and his previous theatre and television experience landed him an opportunity to appear on CBC’s “The Goods” as their in-house renovation expert in 2016-2018 and on CityTV’s “CityLine” in 2018-2020.

Darren uses his construction knowledge on a regular basis as he continues to build his real estate investing portfolio. Darren controls over $30,000,000 in real estate in both Canada and the US and focuses primarily on multifamily conversion and development projects.

In 2020 Darren launched his YouTube channel as a way to educate investors and entrepreneurs on a wider and further reaching platform. The channel hosts over 15,000 subscribers with over 40,000 views per month, and continues to grow!

Darren brings his years of experience facilitating and hosting events to the equation and is looking forward to elevating his partnership with Randy & Steve in order to make the Synergy Mastermind an unforgettable experience.

Steve Arneson

Founder / Principal

Often a humble energy pump in the room, Steve thrives in Synergy’s social setting by building genuine relationships, lifting others up to their next level, and has the incredible gift of making everyone around him feel a little more special.

Founder of The REINVESTORS, he is passionate about real estate development, design, and community impact. He is one of the best in the industry when it comes to working with high net worth investors, project strategy, and raising capital.

Starting in a real estate family and picking up his first investment in 2012, Steve has grown into a dynamic investor, speaker, and coach.  

Aside from being a total geek when it comes to economics, numbers, and mindset, Steve loves to be outside hiking with his dog, golfing with friends, and planning his future with his fiance…all while looking for his next deal : )

“Living by your principles may cost you opportunities, but it’ll never cost you sleep.” – Steve Arneson

Randy Molland


Randy is leading the charge of the mission called GoBigToGiveBig with the goal of making others aware of how easy it is to start giving back from the beginning of building a company and inspiring 6 figure earners to become 7 figure givers!

Favourite Quote:
“Money does not change people, it just exposes who they really are”.

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