Frequently asked Questions

Synergy runs annually from early September to mid June.

Yes, Synergy is not for those who are just starting out in real estate. Our members are experienced investors who have done multiple deals with the intention of growing your business!

Our current prices for this years mastermind are $14,997 for an individual and $21,997 to join with your business partner or spouse. These prices do not include tax and are subject to change.

Yes. As investors, we know the value of financing, even if there is a premium on it, and understand that you might need a month or two to move money around. Our payment plan allows you to pay 50% upfront + a payment plan fee of $1000 with the balance owing 5 months later. 

The investment does not include your travel to the events or your accommodations. 

The purpose of this mastermind is to reach new levels. There will be training sessions on systemizing and scaling your business, residential, short term rentals, cross boarder investing, commercial and multi-family strategies, syndications, renovations/construction, development, networking and mindset.

We will also cover topics like sales, marketing, negotiations and leadership.

Absolutely! The events are a great place to connect with some of the experts and others in the mastermind, but the real value comes from the network of people you will be connected to weekly via zoom and daily via chat. The weekend presentations will be recorded and uploaded to our member portal for anyone that is not able to attend.

It’s the classic “You get out what you put in”. If you show up and give it you’re all, you’re guaranteed to get a fantastic return!

It could be a new partnership, a market lead from a colleague, or a tip or skill you get from one of the incredible expert speakers. One new deal on the books, one piece of data, or a new software suggestion might be the things that gives you multiple levels of ROI.

YES! Time with the experts to explain your business and ask them all the questions you have. Some of the experts will stick around for the entire weekend events too! Imagine hanging out by a fire pit drinking an old fashioned with someone like Jared Hope or Darren Jacklin… paradise!

And if you can’t make the events, don’t worry, there is lots of time on our monthly calls with the experts to ask questions and pick their brains!

While we feel pretty strongly that this won’t happen, we understand that sometimes things change. 

If after the first live event you are not happy with what Synergy has offered you so far, we will provide you with a refund (less the cost of the 1st event) within 48 hours. Some conditions apply but we ultimately want people in the group who want to be in the group!